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From compliance to communication, let us provide a full spectrum of solutions for you and your company. We understand the challenges today’s employers face, and we know you’re asked to take on more than ever before. Expect more from a broker—expect our full spectrum of solutions.

Typical Services From Brokers

Break away from the mold of the traditional broker. The average broker meets your basic needs when it comes to claims, plans & renewal negotiation. What about open enrollment? New legislation? Department of Labor (DOL) compliance?

Typical Services From Technology Companies

New tech giants can be focused on curing the pains of HR, such as benefits administration and small compliance issues, but lack the personal touch and insurance expertiese that an independent broker like us provide.

We're excited to provide a new resource to you as a valued client of Abel Insurance Agency: MyWave Connect.

We've partnered with a reputable company called Zywave to provide this portal. All the content is written by their team of experienced attorneys and professional writers, so you never have to worry about validating information again. Get to know some of the areas of your portal and how it's resources can make your day easier. Receive emails announcing new content tailored to your industry, state & preferences as often as you like. If you have any questions, your agents at Abel Insurance Agency are always here to help.

Take control of compliance

OSHA compliance
Find everything you need to make sure you are in compliance with OSHA regulations, from educational briefs written in plain language to FAQ's.

Essential regulations

Stay up to date with regulatory updates & other compliance needs, including workplace regulations, DOT/FMCSA updates & more.

Access workplace policies and forms

Safety manual
Putting together a safety manual & gathering relevant policies is a daunting task - find everything you need in MyWave Connect. Just search "policy" to find a wide range of sample policies, or access our comprehensive, customizable Safety Manual.

Common forms
Also get access to a number of common forms, from return to work to claims to job-specific forms - and much more!

Manage industry - specific exposures and risks

Industry exposures
Each industry has unique exposures, risk & liabilities. Find materials specific to your industry, including risk management education, coverage explanations & employee safety resources.

Create & maintain a safety culture

Creating or maintaining a safety program
Whether you are just getting started or need help maintaining an existing safety program, MyWave Connect has all the resources you need, from informational articles to comprehensive guides to employee surveys.

HR Connection

Employee safety resources
Access hundreds of employee-focused resources on a wide range of safety topics to help reinforce your safety culture & communicate important safety topics. Resources include flyers, newsletters, supervisor safety talks, posters, videos & more.

Benchmark surveys

See how your programs stack up to similar employers by checking out the benchmark surveys available on the portal, completed each quarter by thousands of employers across the country.

Workers' Compensation
Many employers do not fully understand workers' compensation and that there are actions they can take to drastically reduce their workers' comp costs - learn about these important topics with a series of educational articles. Plus, access a Return to Work program and workers' comp state statutes to ensure you're in compliance with applicable regulations.

Risk Management Services Overview