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Loss of Use Due to Property Damage

*Courtsey of SAFECO Insurance

What to Do if You Can’t Live in Your Home. Learn How a Loss of Use Claim Works.

Depending on how long you’ll be unable to live in your home, there are different options available. Your Safeco claims representative can help you find temporary housing and explain your coverage for additional living expenses.

Immediate Assistance

If you need to purchase clothing or other necessities immediately, your claims representative may be able to give you an advance against the total settlement amount of your claim.

Normal Living Expenses

Please download and complete the normal living expenses worksheet. It should be completed as soon as possible to establish a baseline for your normal expenses which will help us to process your claim faster. Please keep a copy of this worksheet along with a copy of any and all receipts until the settlement of your claim is finalized. Talk to your claims representative about expense types that are not listed on the worksheet.

Additional Living Expenses

Loss of use coverage covers any additional living expenses, meaning any necessary expense that exceeds what you normally spend. For example, you usually spend $300 per month for groceries. While your home is being repaired, you spend $400 a month since you have to dine out instead of cook at home. Your policy will cover the $100 difference. Examples of additional living expenses may include but are not limited to:

  • Hotel or rental home charges
  • Food and utility expenses
  • Additional car mileage

Please keep all additional living expense receipts.

Rental Property

Loss of use coverage may provide reimbursement for the loss of rental property income. Your AIA claims representative can discuss this coverage with you further.